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These are the guidelines I created for this game that I play with my own family and the post that resulted from it: When I say "countries," I mean the current nations that are based on the current boundaries. Why do we study the past? All past achievements are given credit to the present country. the modern Iraq is an example. is credited with Mesopotamia. What is the reason to study history? Anyone thinking of taking a history class must consider this question. The most significant achievements are awarded the highest points, but certain points are deducted due to lengthy periods of time that are backwards.

In order to study history it is necessary to be interested in the past. For the descriptions, my personal comments are mixed with direct draws from Wikipedia generally; I didn’t distinguish which was which , making it simpler to comprehend. However, it shouldn’t be the primary reason for studying history.

You can assume that the information is all borrowed if you’d like. It is crucial that you comprehend the significance and value of historical research. I’ve just gone through the list and spruced it to a certain extent.

The importance of history is being has been questioned. There aren’t many major changes (we’re looking at all recorded history in the end, after all) however, I did relegate a few countries by a few slots and removed one country from the list. In our current world, where the focus is on tomorrow and today the significance of the past is often put in question. The original post generated many a debateplus over 1,000 responses -and we’ll examine the results of the reboot. Many are skeptical of the actual value of studying history. In addition, I wrote an accompanying piece to this one, which is titled "The 20 Most Reliable countries around the World," so if you’re interested in seeing the way some of the greatest historical nations rank go through it.

Some doubt the value and importance of studying things that took place many years ago. Okay, so without further delay let us get startedthe top 10 beginning with the most powerful nation ever: Many believe that history has little or no relevance to their lives or on the world as it is today. What do I have to say? The ancient city of Rome established what we refer to as "Western society" which includes the laws we follow, as well as our culture , and our faith. Many doubt the importance of a background degree for the job market. The classic images of democracy, like the Roman Senate are a source of inspiration today.

Each of these topics merits some consideration, particularly for those who want to become historians. After Rome was destroyed and Europe was sunk for a thousand years in darkness, Italy reclaimed it with the Renaissance. It is essential to understand your motivations for why you choose to study the subject. The creation of a civilization is an accomplishment enough, however, to preserve it a decade later is quite remarkable. As a scholar of the past you need to articulate and justify the reasons behind your choice.

The most powerful maritime and industrial power in the 19th century, it was the United Kingdom is often credited as the country which "created our modern-day world," through its leading role in the development of Western concepts of capitalism, property, and parliamentary democracy, as well contributing significantly to the arts, literature as well as science and technology.

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